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Chai is the word for tea in many parts of the world. It is a centuries-old beverage which has played an important role in many cultures.Chai from India is a spiced milk tea that has become increasingly popular throughout the world. It is generally made up of: • rich black tea • heavy milk • a combination of various spices • a sweetener

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Nothing more comforting and Refreshing than a Chai Milk Shake.It's not the same plain milk shake, this recipe combines the spice and complex flavours of Chai with the smooth rich text of a milkshake. Modern world elevated chai to new planes of experience.Try it out and you will fall in love.

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Strong black tea with sugar is universal cure for all problems.Drinking black tea as usually knowned as can help you to lose weight and it can be good for your heart too.So take a sip and you be have a treat for your taste buds too.

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Recharge Yourself in the Tea Lounge with the Best Tea, pastires, sandwiches and some entertaining collection of Books and Games. Chai & More offers what no other café does, a combination of desi and western biters. A romantic yet intellectually stimulating ambiance in a modern comfortable seating. Chai & More brings to you a fusion of wit, fun, serious and casual atmosphere for the vivacious youth and mellowed wise.

THE biggest vision for Chai and More is to create a Tea Shop which no one has ever been to. To create a hub for creativity and atmosphere to transport you away from the Tea Shops you have been used to in the past. But beyond that the benchmark to serve the best Tea is to be set . No compromisations, the best tea, the best ingredients, the best business practices to create the best cup of tea one has ever had, the every single time one stops by. Chai and More has a proposed plan for over 40 stores over the next five years .

We strive for perfection. From the finest ingredients we start the process of crafting the perfect cup of tea. Unlike the common tea Shops we strive to offer a truly made to order cup of tea.

We genuinely care about our craft and delivery the best tea everyday every single time. We make sure everything we do is through the lens of humanity from our commitment to the highest quality tea, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business.

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This is ma fav Place.Am loving it.Love playing games.I can feel the Peace here.Keep it up.
After a long day all i need is a tea.This place not only caters my need for a classic chai, but also some really different flavours and variants of chai. The ambience is great.
Nikhil Shankar Mathur
Well, Chai & More is a perfect place for tea lovers. Situated in the front panel of Platinum Plaza, it's really easy to be found. Though tiny but has a nice and comfortable seating plans with cushioned chairs and bean bags. This cafe provides you with variety of board games to sit and play with your friends. Includes chess, snakes and ladder, uno, etc and also a wide variety of books to read for those who are book lovers and would like to have their tea with a peaceful reading session. The staff is courteous and warm. The place provides you with different, unique and various varieties of teas. Coming to the food we ordered for: LEMON ICE TEA- It was good and tasted well. MINT ICE TEA- The taste of mint leaves in between makes you feel so fresh and happy, especially when it's already summers in Bhopal. ASSAMESE TEA- It tasted well with right amount of sugar and tea leaves. BUTTERSCOTCH TEA- Slightly on the bitter side, it smelled as well as tasted well. The butterscoth flavour was apt. VEGETABLE MAGGIE- Maggie was so perfect in taste. It was filled with vegetables like peas, corn, carrot, onion, tomato and cooked well in spices tasted perfect. This place is perfect for people who are tea lovers and want to spend some relaxing time with their friends.
Tanushri Indoria
I came upon this Tea Haven by chance. I was just visiting Bhopal so I didn't know any places. Usually if I'm outside my own city I would just subconsciously just walk into some random CCD, but that day for some reason I saw Chai and More and walked inside. Maybe it was the iced teas that called out to me in the heat, maybe it was the lust to try a new place. With plenty of parking space for my car, it was a quick and easy decision. The first thing that hit me was the lovely store design and ambience. Casual outside, Chic inside. Glass walls with sunlight peeping in, a nice cup of tea and .... books! The outside sitting will be really good in the non summer months. But for now I chose to let myself fall into the cosy bean bags they have inside. The tea selection is impressive, so much that I felt like I needed to come back to try more than one. When I was unable to decide, the cashier suggested the crowd favourite "Zafraan" and I agreed. I loved the taste and fragrance. Every sip was an experience on its own. Now I definitely had to come back again while I was still in Bhopal. On my next visits I enjoyed several of the different teas along with the light bites they have on offer (The food tasted fresh and went well with the teas). The Moroccan tea and Chinese tea were my favourites. All in all, I highly recommend this place to any tea lover and also to non tea lovers accompanying a tea lover!
Prakash Tilwani
this place offers something very unique and out of the way varieties of tea ..if you are quit bored with the regular chai just visit this place to have some twist in the taste ...saffron tea must try ..best in the business....fascinating hats off.
Anubhav Khare
😊☺Absolutely love💝 this tiny winy outlet😍 at first i thought its just an average place but now i recommend this place to evryone💝😍💕 seriously so its relaxing hangingout here with my buds💖 high five✋🏻 to team chai&more..keep up the quality n taste..😊☺